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Dirt Work In Conroe, TX

We understand that dirt work is important in landscaping and construction projects. That’s why we strive to provide the highest quality services and the most experienced staff in the area. From grading and leveling to excavation and hauling, our team can handle all your dirt work needs. We also offer a range of other services, such as tree trimming and removal, stump grinding, and lawn care.

At Conroe Tree Pros, we take pride in our commitment to excellence. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of dirt work. We use the latest equipment and techniques to complete your project efficiently and to your specifications. Our customer service is second to none. We understand that dirt work projects can be stressful and time-consuming. That’s why we strive to provide the highest customer satisfaction throughout the process.

Residential and Commercial Dirt Work Service

We proudly offer our residential and commercial dirt work services to the Conroe area. We understand that every client is different, which is why we offer a variety of services tailored specifically for each individual. From driveway repair to gardening, we have you covered!

Our team of experienced professionals has the knowledge and expertise necessary to get your project done quickly and efficiently. We also ensure that all Dirt Work Services are performed with safety in mind, ensuring that you or your clients remain safe throughout the process.

Residential Dirt Work Service

Locational Factors for the House Pad

Get the most out of your property with our residential dirt work service. We understand that there are many factors to consider when it comes to improving your home, and we take those into account while providing our service. Location is key for any real estate transaction, which also holds for renovations. When you hire us, you can be sure that we'll take all of the necessary precautions to ensure that your house and surrounding soil are in good condition before beginning any job(s). From foundation repairs to landscaping enhancements, we have a wide range of services that can help make your home look its best.

Sampling of the Soil and Bore Testing

A sampling of the soil and bore testing is the process of obtaining a representative sample from subsurface materials to characterize their properties. This information can be used to help interpret geophysical data, map land boundaries or identify potential wells and other sources of contamination. A sampler is typically a closed tube with interchangeable sections lowered into an unknown location to collect a subsurface material for analysis. Soil and bore testing can provide important information about subsurface soils, including their texture, mineral content, moisture content, pH levels, and other characteristics. This information can be used to help interpret geophysical data or identify potential wells or sources of contamination.

Wet Pad Sub-grade

The choice fill will not fully compress if the subgrade (native soil) beneath the pad is damp. Wet sub-grade can be fixed in several different methods, but they are all pricey solutions:

  • Backfill using imported chosen fill after removing the wet subgrade and bringing it to dryness.
  • To dry and harden the subgrade, use lime and fly ash.
  • Remove the wet subgrade from the pad and another adjacent place. Then, continue excavating at the second location to reach and retrieve the dry subgrade, refilling the pad area before adding select fill.

Construction of House Pad

All the trees, shrubs, stumps, roots, and organic materials must be removed from the area after the land clearing is finished and the placement of the pad is chosen. It is usual practice to remove 6 inches of soil before importing the chosen fill, which is a sand and clay combination, to raise the land to the finished elevation in preparation for the foundation. To guarantee thorough compaction, the select fill is spread, rolled, and compacted in lifts or layers of roughly 8 inches each. In order to check and confirm that the pad reaches or exceeds the required minimum compaction rate of 95%, Conroe Tree Pros provides full testing paperwork. The pad is 5 feet overbuilt on each side, giving the edges a 4-to-1 slope. Overbuilding gives the pad more strength and integrity to prevent shifting and erosion.

Final Grading

Final grading in dirt work is the process of shaping and smoothing the ground surface to create a level and even surface. This is typically done after excavation and filling to create the desired grade and elevation. The soil may be moved, raked, and compacted during the grading process to create a firm, stable base. The final grading process is important for creating a safe and usable surface for building or paving. In some cases, drainage systems may also be installed during the final grading process.

Ditch for a Roadside Culvert

A culvert for a roadside ditch is a pipe installed in the ditch to enable the construction of a driveway over it for access from the road to the property. After the pipe is put in, filler material is added to it to raise the elevation so that cars can pass over it. Culverts typically have some kind of crushed rock or concrete applied on top, such as poured concrete, crushed concrete, crushed limestone, milled asphalt, or hot mix asphalt. Although most counties and localities permit the use of black plastic corrugated pipe (HDPE), others may need concrete pipe (RCP - Reinforced Concrete Product). Both are excellent. The installation of the concrete pipe is more expensive and labor-intensive, and stabilized sand must be utilized with it.

Construction of Roads and Driveways

It involves creating a smooth and durable surface for vehicles to travel on. It typically involves excavation of the site, preparation of the subgrade, placement of base materials, compaction of the base, and installation of the final surface material such as asphalt, concrete, or pavers. The process may also include drainage solutions and landscaping to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the road or driveway. The final construction should meet local regulations and standards for safety and functionality.

Driveway Repair

Every day, a driveway is used numerous times. A rocky driveway wears down your car and adds a little tension to coming and going. If the old driveway has a lot of rock, Conroe Tree Pros can scrape it back and forth, wet it, and then compact it while we re-distribute the gravel. We may add fresh crushed rock to fill in the gaps in your current drive, then blade it back and forth to mix the materials. It's crucial to wet the drive throughout this procedure so that the crushed material will adhere to the surface and hold. Recommendation: There are various benefits to constructing a driveway or road simultaneously as the home pad.

  • Vehicles are already transporting the same commodities.
  • There are no additional mobilization charges because the bulldozer and equipment are already set up on the job site.
  • Traffic from vehicles compacts the ground.
If a sturdy base material is employed, concrete or asphalt can be poured or laid more conveniently. There are a few choices for an excellent crushed material base:
  • concrete
  • limestone
  • asphalt
  • granite
  • iron ore

Cattle Guard

You may keep your horses or cattle on your property without having to open or lock a gate by installing a cow guard so that you can drive down your driveway or road. Depending on the local soil conditions, the depth of the cattle guard will vary, but in general, the footers should be 12 inches deep and positioned to hold the grill and distribute the whole weight of crossing traffic. Depending on your needs, standard measurements range from 10 to 24 feet long and are roughly 8 feet broad.

Commercial Site Work

Stump Grinding Services from Conroe Tree Pros are perfect for removing those pesky stumps in your yard. Our team of experts will use the right equipment and techniques to remove the stump without leaving any damage or mess behind. We’ll also ensure that the area is clean and free of debris afterward so you can resume normal activities quickly and easily.

Our stump-grinding services can also be used on various landscapes, including trees, bushes, and other plants. We’ll take care of everything from sizing the stump to removing it completely and cleaning it up afterward. To learn more about how Conroe Tree Pros’ Stump Grinding Services may assist you in securely and effectively removing those troublesome stumps, call us now to set up a consultation.

Commercial Building Pads

The most crucial component of every commercial structure is its pad or foundation. The stability of the soil that a structure rests on is essential. To avoid issues brought on by uneven settling, erosion, and flooding, a commercial building pad must be adequately prepared. Clay, which is sensitive to changes in moisture content, makes up a large portion of the soil in the Conroe area. When water is added to clay, the earth expands and heaves upward, placing pressure on foundations from below. Clay soils will shrink as compared if water is removed, occasionally leaving voids that leave a portion of the foundations unsupported. There are a number of factors to take into account to guarantee a stable foundation, depending on the type of soil and the surrounding elevation. The top 6 inches of soil can occasionally be removed because this is the organic soil that breaks down and leaves cavities in the ground. Engineers may demand that 2 to 6 feet of soil be removed and replaced with compacted select fill. To harden the soil, it may occasionally be required to import lime or fly ash and mix it in. It's critical to understand the sort of soil on which you plan to construct. To assess the soil where your structure will be built, ask Conroe Tree Pros.

Systems and Underground Storm Drains

Conroe Tree Pros installs storm drains and systems, small or large, according to your company's requirements. Due mostly to their extensive use of impervious surfaces like parking lots and roofs, commercial properties often produce more runoff per square foot than other land uses. This abrupt water buildup during a storm or deluge has to go somewhere. Before entering storm sewers, recharge basins, or detention ponds, stormwater runoff from paved surfaces can be routed to unlined ditches (swales or bioswales). A stormwater permit must be kept current on all business properties.

Setting Up a Storm Drainage System

The function of a storm drain is to direct precipitation away from streets and other paved areas and into a body of natural water, assisting in the prevention of flooding. In order to direct the water, a corrugated flex hose is typically attached to building downspouts. A bigger pipe that feeds into a catch basin is networked with these flex hoses, which are frequently from many downspouts. Catch debris enters the outflow pipe as it enters the catch basin. All extra stormwater is dumped from the piping network away from the company at an outfall site where it can seep into the ground.

StormTrooper® System Installation

Stormtrooper removes sediment, waste, and oil from rainwater. To prevent roadway ditches and sub-drainage systems from being filled with soil and sediment, the county requires the installation of devices, such as the Storm Trooper. Plastic corrugated pipes are installed at a specific height and surrounded by stabilized sand for backfilling or paving. Inlet boxes (or tanks) are a connection point for water flow to another place. A net is placed on top of the box so the water flows into the basin and onto the StormTrooper. Water flows over the Storm Trooper, with foil packets to collect oil and solvents. Dirt and residue accumulated on the bottom are regularly vacuumed by the pump truck.

Building a Detention and Retention Pond

A detention and retention pond, also known as a stormwater management pond or wetland, is an important part of your landscape. It helps to reduce flooding in your area during rainstorms by trapping and holding water before it flows into streams and waterways. Detention ponds are also beneficial for preventing sediment from flowing downstream, which can contaminate water bodies. A detention pond can be a great addition to your landscape. Conroe Tree Pros can help you design and build the perfect detention pond for your needs. We’ll take our time to understand your unique landscaping goals and lay out a plan that will meet them perfectly.

Laydown Yard Construction

Laydown yard construction is used for constructing a new parking lot, driveway, or other ground-level structure from scratch. This type of construction is most commonly undertaken by businesses and governments to create a convenient location for employees, customers, or members of the public. A laydown yard should be designed from scratch with consideration for proper drainage, adequate lighting, and support systems. Once constructed, it must be leveled using bulldozers and compaction equipment before being prepared for paving or other surface treatments.

Building Entrance

Construction entrance is the entry and exit point for workers, equipment, and materials during a construction project. It is typically located near the perimeter of the construction site, often at a street or road crossing. Entrances need to be well-marked and clearly visible to ensure the safety of both workers and the general public. They should also be designed to accommodate the different types of vehicles and equipment that need to access the site. Construction entrances need to be wide enough to allow for the safe passage of vehicles and personnel, and the layout should be organized to minimize congestion. The entrance should also be equipped with appropriate safety features, such as guardrails, barriers, and signs.

Systems for Filtrating Water (Rock Filter Dam)

Installing a rock filtration dam is another way to filter contaminated water. This stone embankment's purpose is to collect larger sediment. They are frequently used close to drainage zones vulnerable to significant erosion. The dam's rocks may be simply cleaned regularly and collect loose sediment. Always take into account the environment when building a rock filtration dam. You don't want the water behind the dam that has been impounded to drain into other areas. As a result, the dam's intended use as a sediment catcher is completely defeated. Failure will occur if an embankment dam is overtopped or overflows past the capacity of its spillway. Masses of material whose weight keeps the dam in place will be removed by the erosion of the dam's material caused by overtopping runoff. This might cause a dam to burst in a very dangerous way, flooding your area and causing runoff.

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